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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are Any of the Original Members of the Village People Still Alive . . . And Does It Matter?

Every now and then I am confronted with dark and disturbing inconsistencies in my musical tastes.  

For example -- if you asked me to lecture about problems with Pop these days -- and you do NOT want to invite me to lecture -- because I am an old person (over 40) and should therefore be ignored when I start talking about music -- one thing I might say is that the lack of REAL DRUMS in most music today represents a significant handicap -- a dying art form -- an important, dynamic, and exciting element to the all-important live show --

And yet, I HEART both Erasure and Depeche Mode and seemingly have no trouble with their choice of percussion.

I am, of course, a hypocrite.

It occurs to me that at Rewind -- I will probably not see any of the original members of Village People. I know that some of them have died.  It might be that ALL of them are dead -- and I can't say that it really matters. 

And -- on top of that -- I don't expect any of those bitches to play a real drum.  Let's just face it.

I am going to now go to Wikipedia -- so you don't have to . . .
• Native American (once called "Indian" -- for shame!): Felipe Rose (Still alive!)
• Soldier: Alex Bailey (Still alive!)
• Construction Worker: David Hodo (Joined 1978 -- Still alive!)
• Cop: Ray Simpson (NOT original -- but replaced Victor Willis in 1980 -- and alive!)
• Cowboy: Jeff Olson (NOT original -- but replaced Dave Forrest in 1980 -- and alive!)
• Biker: Eric Anzalone (Not original -- Basically, the one new guy)




I am back.  Now to switch gears . . . because I must . . . because the goddamn Village People are really touring . . . 

A couple of summers ago, I went to see Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons -- love his voice, his music -- and if there is nothing you take from this post -- it is that rock starts are dying.

Or not.

So, Frankie Vallie was there -- I think that was him -- but, to be honest, at that age, it gets harder to differentiate between people.  So, it was PROBABLY Frankie Vallie.

But the Four Seasons were these choreographed, cheesy, 20-something show queens -- all smiles and jazz hands.  It was like Frankie Vallie had spent 40 years on the road hard living, hard drinking, hard women -- and the Four Seasons had basically spent their evening drinking the blood of young virgins and sleeping on earth-lined coffins.  And maybe doing some flower arranging on the side.

The only thing that was missing was the sound every two minutes of a roller coaster whizzing by -- because it was just like one of those amusement park shows that pops up when you are waiting in line two hours for your two minute ride.  Swearing to God -- all smiles and choreography -- don't tell the angels . . . hey!

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